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White Fox is a docked e-scooter rental service that enables users to rent electric scooters from the tip of their fingers. Using the White Fox app, users are able to locate a scooter and rent it for a low price.
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We aim to bring the e-scooter travel solution that has quickly gained popularity on the West Coast to New York City and then expand our service to other locations where transportation options are limited. We want to give back to cities. We seek to mitigate transportation deserts and to provide 
a transit solution for communities underserved by ridesharing.
At White Fox, we believe in a more sustainable future where eco-friendly transportation is not only available but also more accessible than carbon-emitting transportation. Based on data from the Energy Department, the carbon footprint of the United States is not expected to decrease in 2050; if anything, it will rise. White Fox seeks to stop the U.S. from single-handedly exhausting the entire world’s carbon budget by midcentury by providing Americans with a more eco-friendly transportation option.
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