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University Benefits

Improved Student Life
  • Offering a unique way to make life for students better that will integrate seamlessly into their busy daily life while pursuing their studies

  • Operating as a student-focused initiative 

On Campus Car Reduction 
  • With an on-campus plan, augmented by off-campus stations, our scooters will offer a convenient, economic, and fun alternative to commute via car

Customized Implementation
  • Working with campuses to implement our solution in the most customized, safe, and pedestrian-friendly way

  • Acting as an engaged partner with a consistent campus presence, including outreach to campus organizations

Safe Riding
  • Offering helmets for riders

  • Hosting safety demonstrations for campus communities

  • Geofencing any areas that administration feels necessary

No Cost to University
  • Dock installation and maintenance is free!

  • Need access to power by an outdoor power outlet or an outdoor junction box for our docking stations 

  • Enthusiastic about working with administration on a discount passes for the students and faculty/staff to be included in existing subsidy programs

  • Providing first ride promo codes for all community members

Different Subscription Options

Let us know if you are interested!

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