​​​Traffic Rules

  • Ride in bike lanes or near the right curb of the street

  • Stay off sidewalks

  • Obey all traffic signals

  • Make sure when pausing your ride, you lock your scooter out of the way of pedestrians and street traffic ​

​​​Be Aware

  • Pay extra attention at intersections and crosswalks

  • Always watch out for pedestrians

  • Keep both hands on the scooter handles

  • Start off slowly to get used to acceleration and speed

Prepare to Ride

  • You must be at least 18 years old to ride, with a valid ID

  • Wear a helmet. At docks hosted by hotels, you can grab one from the front desk 

  • Make sure to remove earbuds/headphones before riding

  • Only one rider per scooter

  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol