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Our Docked Solution

More Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Increased life per unit

  • Fewer lost & stolen scooters

  • Less misuse, mistreatment, and vandalization

  • No freelance laborers needed to charge the scooters

AF1I0093 2.JPG
  • Working closely with City Officials to offer the best version of our system 

  • Dynamically monitoring traffic to optimize dock locations 

  • Fewer pedestrian, safety, and traffic  hazards

  • Helmet lockers at each dock

  • Educational initiatives

Safest Solution
Fewer Negative Externalities 
  • Fewer environmental  hazards 

  • No additional city resources needed to clean up sidewalk clutter

Social Responsibility
  • Making electric scooters a convenient transportation option to replace driving

  • Planting trees for each ride to offset CO2 emissions

  • Providing low-income and student plans

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